As any keto dieter would tell you, 50 gms of carbs is the absolute upper limit of carbs you can eat in a day. 50 Gms is not much, two slices of a wholemeal bread will easily put you over that limit. So, one has to be absolutely militant when it comes to controlling carbs.

Even though there are “guidelines” on the amount of protein and fats you can eat, they are more like “suggestions” than hard and fast rules. For example, I routinely indulge in a lot more fat on some days, and a lot more protein than is allowed on other days. I believe its all good, as long as I keep in under 50 gms of carbs limit. The good thing for me is I usually eat no more than 10 gms of carbs and even those carbs come in tiny vestiges from my meats and cheese.

Nuts are the best sources of fats and proteins and they are often without any carbs. Or so I thought. I used to indulge in nuts a little more than commonsense would allow, and I’ve was blissfully ignorant of the damage they were causing my body, not to mention throwing me out of ketosis.

The problem with nuts is, they are not all the same. Look at the picture below to see the nutrition profiles of some popular nuts.
You can see clearly that some of them have such high carb content that its so easy to be kicked out of ketosis by eating them. My biggest feeling of betrayal was from peanuts. First of all, they are technically not even nuts. They are god damn legumes. And they pack a punch in terms of calories. And most of those calories unfortunately come from carbs.

So, even though the broad idea about eating nuts as a snack or a meal is well advised, a big caveat should be considered when it comes to cashews and peanuts. While they do have some really good mix of healthy fats, protein and a ton of micro nutrients, their high carbohydrate content makes them unsuitable for Keto. They are best avoided altogether if you want to stay in Ketosis. Stick to the healthier alternatives like Macadamias, Brazil nuts, and Walnuts for best keto results.

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