Growing up in the 90s, this song was one of our early memories of how cool music can be. Armed with our high end “Stereo” systems, cranking up the bass all the way up, and much to the annoyance of our neighbors and parents, singing along and dancing along to these beats was a rite of passage of every kid in my school. The cheap ass “walk-mans” never did justice to the bass section in the first part of the song, so we always waited for our parents to let us use the tape recorders so we can get our fix of Dr. Alban. No Beatles and rolling-stones for us, its always MJ and some of this more exotic stuff.

I just realized I had this mp3 lying around in my collection, and when I played it on my pioneer home theater with high end woofers and surround sound, all those memories came rushing back and the quality of the sound and thrill of those beats sounded all the more unreal. If you have a Hi-fi audio system, I recommend you try this song right away. If you have any ceramic stuff placed too close to the edges of tables make sure you move them to the center, or better yet leave them in the garage. If any of your family members have heart conditions, you best send them away to the park while you play this song. And for Gods-sake, crank up the bass, and the volume and enjoy the pure bliss of the African themed song!!

Come back and thank me later!!

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