To those of you who are not from Australia/UK, a bit of  cultural crash course about the word Wog. It is an insulting slang word, apparently used to talk of certain groups of ethnic people, mostly from Italy/Greece etc. Don’t quote me on this, but you can always go to Wikipedia for a more accurate definition. Anyway, the so called Wogs are stereotyped as being boorish, unhygienic etc by some snooty sections of Aussie society. Some take serious offence to being called a wog, to the point that they beat the crap out of you, and I say rightfully so too. No need for racial abuse in the 21st century.

However, there are some who turn the tables around and use this word as a badge of honor, by exaggerating the said “traits” of wogs, while also making fun of every other race/ethnicity mercilessly. Superwogs, the youtube channel are one such group. Essentially two brothers Theo and Nate goofing around with a camera, they stumbled on a formula which struck comedic gold and won them followers all over the world. They have started making videos a while ago, and amassed more than 50 millions views in total for their videos. Their latest installment, “Border Security” is a parody of a TV show by the same name, and as usual the two brothers go to town with their antics. They make fun of Chinese, Indians, and even American blacks whose misfortune brings them to this side of the world. I was fortunate enough to play a very minor role in this installment, and I loved the experience. Here is the video, hope you like it.

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