Dear Rahul Gandhi, When your grandmother, Indira Gandhi was assassinated, your father, and your party, orchestrated the biggest and most heinous massacres of modern India. Even the mogul invaders didn’t inflict the kind of pain and suffering your party inflicted on the Sikh community. So, please spare me the lectures of the great sacrifices your family has made for the country.
Their methods may be crass, their language crude, but BJP and RSS, have always had the best interests of the country at their heart. Please stop instigating communal violence just so you can score some points with a vote bank, for the nation is watching, its children are learning, and there is but a small amount of patience left for elitists scumbags like you. If you stoop so low as to encourage treason, your great grandfather, and your Iron lady of a grandmother will be rolling in their graves. We may have hated Indira’s guts, but at least, no one suspected her steel like will when it came to protecting her country. If you really respect your family’s legacy, learn some class, learn some history, and show some true love and respect for the soldiers and people of t_73047310_000231549-1 _Anti_Sikh_Riot7175 1984-anti-sikh-riots-in-pics-517fbfd8ba76c-img sikh-rotshis country.

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