How to deactivate and delete your Twitter profile!!

Let’s admit it, Twitter was always a ticking time-bomb for most of us. In this age of instant outrage and cancel culture, we are only one tweet away from our personal and professional lives destroyed. What we may have said in the heat of the moment, a drunken “joke” could forever tarnish your image and…

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Fascinating Time-Lapse Videos Made with Raspberry Pi

The following are a couple of the time lapse videos I have made. The making of these videos was fun, using Raspberry Pi and an old DSLR. It brings together the concepts of Photography, Python programming, hardware coding and a bit of electronics, and the end results are magnificent. Have a look. If you are…

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India should rename Dhronacharya Awards to Vishwamitra Awards

The government of India honors its outstanding sports coaches with the “Dhronacharya” award.  Dhronachaarya is a mythological figure who has trained the Hindu warrior prince Arjuna and was instrumental in his success in the many battles and wars. Many consider Dhronachaarya to be the best coaches anyone can ask for. However, there is another side…

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