The government of India honors its outstanding sports coaches with the “Dhronacharya” award.  Dhronachaarya is a mythological figure who has trained the Hindu warrior prince Arjuna and was instrumental in his success in the many battles and wars. Many consider Dhronachaarya to be the best coaches anyone can ask for.

However, there is another side to these charecters‘ story. He is the personification of social injustice that has plagued India forever and continues to do so. A strict enforcer of the caste system, Dhronacharya believed that higher education and warrior skills are only meant for the ruling class and not the lower “Castes”. He craftily nullifies the fighting skills of a lowborn tribal hero by seeking his right thumb. He also refuses entry to “Karna” into a skills show, again based on the supposed lower birth of Karna.

Dhronacharya taking the right thumb of a tribal hero so that his own student can remain unbeaten.

By giving out awards in his honor, the government continues the tradition of oppression, and subjugation of lower castes. This is unbecoming of a pluralistic country. It’s time India frees itself from such archaic mindset and change the name of this award to more appropriate one. “VishwaMitra”, a guru who revolted against caste system and fought it with all of his might, should be given that honor.

Please sign this petition to change governments mind. Thanks.

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