Hi everyone, very embarrassed to admit that I fell for a very simple fraud from online scammers. Its not even for a get rich or too good to be true scams. The beauty of the scam was the simplicity of the scam.

It all started with a simple phone call from someone claiming to be from iSelect. I should have simply hung up, but decided to humor the person. She said she would match or better my current insurance, and when I gave my current details, she did give me a quote. However, she was very quick to add me on whatsapp and send me the quote via whatsapp. That should have been my first clue. This is the fake (really fake looking now that I take a second look) quote they sent me.

When I looked for the payment options, instead of a proper Bpay option, they just gave me a bank account. That sent off alarm bells, so I asked them to give me Bpay options. They said they would process using credit card, so I read out my CC details. They also asked for a scan of the CC, which I promptly provided. This is where I should have stopped, but I was busy with work, so I didn’t think it through.

Today they said they will process the payment, and called me saying the payments were being declined. I said I will call ANZ and get back to them. but they insisted I have to pay them immediately, so asked me to pay using bank transfer. By now, I am thoroughly suspicious and held off. within hours of that, I got a call from ANZ saying there have been attempts at using my CC from around the world. Luckily, their fraud warning system picked it up, and none of the transactions were allowed. A bullet dodged with no damage except to my ego.
Just a friendly warning to other Australians.

The numbers to remember just in case it happens to you.

Phone number Phone: +61(02)8007 5390  There is also a mobile number. +61 456 121 163

Email id is arpita@iselect-insurance.net.au although, I’d guess they may have created a bunch of these fake emails. www.iselect-insurance.net.au comes up as invalid.

The whois information of the domain at hand provides this information. 

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