If you want America to exercise restraint, grab a nuclear weapon

United States has all the hallmarks of a schoolyard bully. If you are timid and week, or if you have no friends, they will pick on you. They will bully you, harass you, attack you and even kill you. Case in point, the way they treated Saddam Hussein who had no major weapons, barely a functioning army, and was minding his own business. They went after him, repeatedly accused him of having said weapons, attacked him on that false premise and eventually killed him. All the while destroying the one secular country in the middle east where women were treated as equals, all religions flourished, and people had excellent living standards. Now, with the US and it’s then president’s personal vendetta against Saddam, the country was bombed out of existence and is now two centuries behind everyone else in terms of living standards. War, poverty and religious intolerance, thank you America.

On the flip side of it, this little Kim Jon Un, whose only smart move was to be prepared for this bully. He realised if he didn’t do anything, US will still come after him. He saw what happened to Saddam Hussein, and realised the only guaranteed protection for him and his regime comes from him acquiring a substantial edge over his neighbors and the US. He got himself a nuclear weapon, and the capability to inflict serious damage on US interests. All of a sudden, America wants restraint. They want to talk. Saddam begged the world to believe him when he said he had no weapons. Kim on the hand, is threatening the world, and poking America openly and asking for war. Yet, Americans were scared to do anything. Not that they fear losing to North Korea, but their win would come at tremendous cost to them and their allies. And that cost is what’s keeping American’s from pulling the trigger.

The Americans have clearly indicated every dictator and rouge nation in the world that the only thing they fear is strength. I bet every African strongman, every middle eastern warlord, every other douche-bag potentate in the world will have this nuclear weapon on the top of their shopping list. Having that weapon will essentially buy them an insurance policy against the Americans. They will be treated as equals at the table, and not subjected to the arrogant aggression it usually reserves for weaker and poorer countries.

Kim Jon Un may look stupid, but he has played this game very carefully. He essentially has his finger on the red button, and the whole world is asking him, begging him, to not press it. He had nothing to lose, and the world has everything to lose. The western media and security agencies will portray him as a spoiled brat who doesn’t know what he is doing, but in my books, he is the craftiest little fucker out there. President Trump on the other hand is breaking all rules, and playing right into Kim’s hand. By making boisterous claims of “Fury and Fire”, he is backing the US into a corner. His own security advisers will no doubt tell him how a strike on North Korea would be a disaster. He will not be able to do good on his threat, and it makes him and the US appear weak. Remember what they say about not making empty threats. Kim is essentially forcing everyone to the negotiating table and no doubt will win lots of concessions.

The Americans and Trump on the other hand will be the laughing stock of the world.

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