When the English were responding to a deadly attack on their capital, the president of the US shows off his usual stupidity and churlish behavior by trying to start a Twitter war with London’s mayor. In an apparent slight never heard of before for a US president, the mayor had one of his deputies respond to the president. The mayor, who happens to be Muslim pretty much said “Now is not the time” to Donald Trump. How embarrassing is it that the president brought this on himself.

Its abundantly clear that Trump can’t hide his contempt at the fact that a Muslim is the mayor of London, and that he criticized many of Trump’s incoherent and absurd statements. But then again, who didn’t?

This latest installment of Twitter feud, and more importantly how the London mayor didn’t even respond directly to Trump, shows what the world thinks of him, and the US right now. Everyone is tired of the loud mouthed bully, and are now going on about their jobs, completely ignoring him. This is a new low for the office of US president, and a very sad state of affairs for the US.

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