Just because one candidate is slinging mud at the other, doesn’t make the second one dirty. This election has been an embarrassing expose on the timid American media, where they think they have to give equal credence to whatever non-sense Trump is spouting, just because he is a candidate. No fact-checking, no questioning him back, drooling all over whatever his cronies have to say. But the worst part is when they propagated this myth that Hillary Clinton is somehow dirty because of wikileaks and the whole email saga.
Hillary was investigated for an year by the FBI, two years or more by the combined force of US senate and the congress, yet, they couldn’t find a shred of evidence of illegal or unethical behavior. Yet, just because of the constant and relentless coverage of the news, the people think she may have done something wrong. This is nothing but a constant smear campaign against a dedicated champion of the middle-class and powerful defender of US hillary_cartooninterests.
If Trump is put through the same level of scrutiny, he would be convicted of sexual offenses, securities fraud,and tax evasion.So, Hillary Clinton is a not in the same league as Trump, and it would be a great disservice to the nation if we let Hillary down on election day.
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