I am really surprised about the heat Joe Hockey is getting about the 7 dollar co-payment.

Lets talk about what 7 dollars equates to :
1) two cappuccinos at a cafe
2) One beer at a pub
3) An ice cream at Baskin-Robbins
You see parents with kids indulging in almost all of those above and a lot more which cost similar amounts and yet they are cribbing about the measly seven dollars they have to spend visiting a doctor.

Now, I am not even going into the really useless wasteful spending like cigarettes, movies etc.
If you can afford all these things, please don’t tell me you can’t afford a 7 dollar fee for a doctors visit.
And to those who say I have 3 children and I live paycheck to paycheck….Your children are not the Federal governments responsibility. You made that choice to have more children than you can afford and you need to live with that decision. As it is, parents get a lot of sops from the government which most other Australians don’t get.
Well done Joe Hockey…Let’s strive towards a sustainable and reasonable Australia where every individual has to step and contribute to the wellbeing of the nation.

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