I find myself amused by yet another crafty bit of reporting by the Telugu daily Sakshi. The news item itself was pretty routine, that a CBI officer who was without a posting for many months, was finally given one. However, what Sakshi wrote about him, or didn’t write about him to be precise, is the amusing part.

See for yourself.

CBI JD's new posting

CBI JD’s new posting

According to Sakshi, the most prominent case handled by him is not the Illegal assets case against its owner YS Jagan, but a case against Satyam Computers’ then owner, Rama Linga Raju. Egregious as it may be, it pales in comparison with YS Jagan’s charge-sheet, and given how Jagan spent over an year in jail, because of the efforts of Lakshmi Narayana, it is amazing how Sakshi didn’t think it worthy of mention.

Ohh, how nice it must be to have a “News” outlet of your own!! The sad thing is most in Andhra Pradesh actually consider this sorry excuse of a news paper credible.

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