It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and join the lynch-mob when people do outrageous stuff and make themselves open to attack on the internet. I normally sit them out because they are not worth my time. The internet is filled with videos of people being racist, homophobic, plain crass and mean. And like I said, most of them are not worth our time as their socioeconomic  background pretty much dictates that such behavior is to be expected.

However, I am breaking my own rule and writing about this PR executive. Most people in the western world learned her name in the span of 24 hours, and not for good reasons. She displayed an outstanding lack of judgement, and showed such vile racism, and became the target of the internet overnight.

Look at what she tweeted before boarding a plane to South Africa.


Now the picture explains all that needs explaining about the woman. However, the fact that she is a seasoned “Public Relations” executive and a well traveled person, really blew my mind. They are trained to help others avoid mistakes precisely like this one, and this genius just destroyed her career with this tweet. Turns out her company fired her while she is blissfully ignorant of the commotion she caused around the world, as she had no access to news or internet on her plane. Good luck enjoying that holiday, mam. And, yeah, it is very smart to insult people of your host country on a world scale. What do we know about South Africa, it is a very safe country for visitors, right? WRONG!! Hope none of those hoodlums read your tweet. Coming in the same month as their country buried their beloved freedom fighter, just makes it all the more worse.

She will most like defend herself saying it was a drunken tweet, and she had no bad intentions about black people etc etc. But, it is highly likely that a very big door has been slammed shut for her in the PR market.  And let this be a lesson to the racist, homophobic, and trolling people on the internet. Watch what you say!!


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