Some users get a non-responsive blank screen as shown below while trying to open workspace in Firefox browser.1-Workspace URL

The above “blank” screen is because of enhanced security settings in Firefox browser. To fix this follow the steps below.
2-Addon Menu

Search for “remote XUL” in the plugins page.
3-Add-Ons page

Click on “Add to Firefox “button and follow the instructions.
4-Remote XUL

Install add-ons as per directions.
5-Install Addon

On successful installation the following screen will be shown.
6-Addon Successful

After successfully installing the XUL manager, the domain of the website must be added to safe-list as below.
7-XUL Manager Invoke

Click on the Add button and then enter the domain name of the site. In this case, its “hts0750”. Although I used just the initial part of the domain, it is recommended to use the fully qualified domain name.
8-Add Domain to XUL manager

After adding the domain name to the list, close the browser and open it again. Oracle workspace should now open without any issues.

About the author:
Rajesh Valluri is a Oracle Hyperion architect based out of Sydney, Australia. He can be reached at

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