I am not sure if many of you know this, but Asterisk VOIP has consumed most of my free time lately. I am just fascinated with the fact that I could be running my own Voice over IP service in my house and have my Vonage calls routed to my work laptop, my mobile phones, and softphones and what not. I’ve recently purchased a FXO/FXS digium card and am in the process of installing it and building the system. I have to say, it is one of the most interesting hobbies I ever took up and am very pleased with the progress so far. I will write a post about it once its all done.

Voip package being delivered to a company?

Anyway, on way to my day job this morning ( Unfortunately a man has to make a living, hobbies don’t usually pay the rent), I was passing by this office building, and saw a mail cart full of packages to be delivered. On the top of that rack was a shiny brand new package from Digium itself, and with just one glance at the logo on the package, the beautiful Asterisk symbol, I stopped walking. I knew the stuff inside the package was pretty full on, industrial standard component. I was like a little boy looking at this first Pokemon toy. I took a couple of steps back and was staring intently at the cardboard box. Apparently my face was filled with some kind of joy that when the postman returned he was looking at me with a worried look. ( Why the hell is this dumb-ass so happy to look at a cardboard box”?)

But I guess, only nerds understand the joy of dealing with such stuff!! The tiny chips that work magic to convert a person’s voice into digital bits, and deliver it to someone else halfway around the world, how is it not fascinating!!

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