After the several violent events in the United States, and especially with the most recent tragedy where 20 children were killed there sure will be a big debate about the gun ownership. However, without going into that argument at all, I have the following to say.

Most often, people use self defense as a compelling argument for owning guns. However, it has been proven in 80% of the cases, the very first victim of a gun violence is the owner of the gun itself. A well seasoned thug will almost likely overpower them and wrestle the gun away from them and use it against them. In many other cases, someone close to the gun owner will grab the gun from them and use it against them before going on to shoot more victims.

Guns belong in the hands of trained professionals. Even then, gun ownership demands high levels of mental stability and discipline. Even the military enforces strict restrictions on its own trained soldiers on how and when to carry weapons, what business do civilians have hoarding weapons in their homes. It has been proven time and again, that gun ownership is a very dangerous proposition and you are better advised to forgo it.If you have any doubts, only look at Nancy Lanza, who was shot dead in her sleep by her own son, with her own weapons. I rest my case.

Nancy Lanza

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