For the handful of my friends who were wondering what has happened to my beloved blog over the past year, here is the answer. As is usually the case with me,I ignored one too many email from my webhost last year, mistaking it to be one of those “great offers” they were trying to shove down my throat. However, to my dismay, I discovered rather painfully, that there were trying to get me to fix a problem with the payment I owe them annually. After repeated attempts on their side to fix the problem, they finally pulled the plug on my account. And I suspect they did this quite vengefully too, as they later claimed to have deleted all the files and databases linked to my account. Now, it was my turn to chase them up and beg them to fix this. Long story short, my blog and its contents were forever lost, and I was left with my precious domains without any content to show in them.

I thought long and hard about my next move. After all, I lost 5 years worth of posts, some of them silly, some funny, and some really impressive and useful. I moped for a few months about this loss, as I really took pride in my writings. However, I did realise that most of that stuff was rather juvenile, and was below my level. The petty blogs about certain unscrupulous politicians in India, spoilt celebrities in Hollywood, and some silly jokes that no one found funny. Lost in them are some gems, which touched on some really interesting topics and ideas.

I think, its a blessing in disguise that the old blog has been obliterated. I’ve switched hosts to “Godaddy” who host my domain already anyway. I’ve installed Thesis theme on my wordpress, and spent some serious time getting the blog into a layout that I love. I promised myself that the blog will look better, and will only cater to useful and interesting ideas. These will be a collection of items from the Harvard business review, National Public Radio in the US, some of the work I do in Oracle and Hyperion aeras, and some philosophical and technological ideas that pop into my head from time to time. I hope the blog will gain some following and will be a fun and fulfilling experience to me and my friends as well.

Thanks for reading so far, and please subscribe to my blog. Please do add your comments if you feel like it. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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